About Us

About Us
ABM Global Group of Companies Limited is a conglomerate group of companies specializing in the manufacturing of highly qualitative products such as Aluminum, PVC Pipes, Tissue Papers, Table and Sachet Water.ABM Global Group of Companies Limited, we do maintain the latest and most efficient assembly technology so as to ensure quality products, and maintain low production costs ultimately benefiting the consumer. Our production teams are drawn from seasoned and qualified individuals whose long term experience in the manufacturing industry and leaders in their own right hold relevant quality and professional qualifications

Our Strategic Sustainability

Putting the principles of sustainability and responsibility into practice means accounting for our most material social and environmental impacts in every aspect of what we do – from sourcing raw materials, to running our manufacturing safely and efficiently, to influencing how our brands are sold and consumed.

Our mission here at ABM Global Group of Companies Limited is to maintain the highest level of satisfaction among our customers by manufacturing quality products through the use of cutting edge technology, through our motivated, dedicated and committed staff, consistent with sound business ethics

Our vision is to become the biggest and most reliable manufacturing Conglomerate Company across all its business sectors, with optimum professionalism and strict adherence and to be our Customers’ supplier of choice utilizing technology, teamwork, and employee development as a platform for growth and diversification.

We value our people. We respect and trust our staff, value their talents and ideas. The greatest asset in ABM Global Group of Companies Limited lies in our staff, which is our key to a lasting progress. With their input and effort, a lot can be achieved. This shows our highest regard for human dignity and welfare. This therefore commits ABM Global Group of Companies Limited to periodic staff development programs. All our employees adhere to high ethical standards. Honesty is the conduct of our business and our watchword.

We undertake the production of the following

Table Water
Tissue Papers
PVC Pipes