PVC Pipes


PVC pipes offer several benefits and are becoming the number one choice for municipalities, homeowners and others who need a durable, sustainable and high-quality solution for their projects. Our pipes are subjected to highest standards in quality testing which include impact strength tests and crush resistance tests. The tests we conduct in our in-house testing facility ensure the pipes can be deployed in underground applications.

Our Pipes are made from 100% virgin material meant for Water Pressure in different classes of pressure. In Nigeria these pipes are primarily used in water supply, irrigation and sewerage rising mains. Their high strength to weight ratio together with exceptional resistance to corrosion or chemical attack makes these pipes ideal for vital infrastructure applications. ABM global group manufacture a wide assortment of these pipes to conform to various pressure rating and overall thickness.

We use modern manufacturing techniques to produce lightweight PVC pipes used chiefly as waste and vent pipe as well as storm water pipes and electrical conduit. Recycled PVC is commonly used in the core of multilayer in the production process of non-pressure pipes, further enhancing their environmental credentials. We extend to maintain precise quality standards and preserves consistency in production at every stage, effortlessly in compliance with national and industry standards.



Our PVC pipes production which comes in different sizes, thickness and lengths are produced according to customers' needs and specification.

Long Lifespan
Over 100 years of lifespan translate into lower replacement and maintenance costs. .
Ease in Handling
Its lightweight nature offers ease in transportation and in the assembly of complex pipe networks.
Strength and durability
Our PVC pipes have the toughness and flexibility to withstand adverse conditions with ease.